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Tinned copper clad aluminum

Tinned copper clad aluminum

Tinned copper wire is mainly used for rubber insulated cables for mine, soft wires, cables and cables for ships as a conductive core, as well as the outer screening braid of the cable and the brush line. Copper tinned to prevent insulation rubber sticky, core black crisp and enhance its weldability. Tinned copper wire that prevents oxidation-reduction reaction, Pseudomonas aeruginosa; increase cooling; can improve electricity, improve the performance of wire. After
Tin plated copper wire that will have its own characteristics: bright surface appearance, uniform color, no removal of Tin, dark spots, cracks, burrs, yellowed, dross etc. I currently have a copper clad aluminum equipment, drawing more than more than 50 units of equipment (sets), line 5, standard product inspection management system in order to produce high quality products such as tinned copper clad aluminum provide protection.

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