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Copper-clad aluminum Busbar

Copper-clad aluminum Busbar

Copper-clad aluminum wire-weld cladding manufacturing technology for advanced, high quality copper coated aluminum with a concentric Rod outer surface or steel core wire and copper layer between the core wire and the metallurgical bond between the atoms of the form. Make two different types of metal into an indivisible whole, can be processed like a single wire drawing and annealing, drawing process of copper and aluminum in the same proportion reducing copper layer volume ratio has remained relatively constant.
due to the high frequency signals with "skin effect" characteristic of copper-clad aluminium wire and copper-clad steel wire in high frequency signal transmission is greater than 5MHz, and conductivity of pure copper wire of the same.
of copper-clad aluminium wire and copper's conductivity and density of composite properties of aluminium, and copper-clad steel wire copper conductivity combined with high strength steel with. Tin plated copper clad steel wire played a tin of solderability and resistance to sulfide, silver plating copper clad steel wire increased electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and increase corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance. Thus has a wide range of applications.