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Copper-clad aluminum wire use to the attention of the three

Considerations for using copper-clad aluminum wire:
1, copper-clad aluminium wire as signal transmission is possible, but as power transmission, is simply out of the question, and the product's life span will be greatly reduced. In the use of copper-clad aluminum wire, note that oxidation of enameled wire section under maintenance to ensure that useful links for copper and aluminium, are long-term use. 2, copper-clad aluminium wire and enamelled copper clad aluminium has many categories are not used in practice, but in fact a lot company transformer in use, is very worrying. Concerns use of copper-clad aluminum wire is 2 points, its resistivity is higher than sections, such as copper, temperature rise of the questions will further increase the wire resistance of aluminum wires oxidize, way to avoid oxidation.
3, the most worrying is the copper-clad aluminium wire copper and aluminium in contact, contact the metallurgy sector often says, real in the long-term reliability of the application process, in the process of expansion and contraction, contact copper and aluminum can withstand the test, industry does not have real proof.