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Aluminum enameled wire welding paint removal methods

Wire welding of aluminum wire, it is necessary to paint (there are very few require very low household electric fan, ballast manufacturers do not paint), I have tried a kind of paint removal methods, listed below, and their pros and cons. (1) the blade scraping can be used, and (2) centrifuge can be used a knife to peel, (3) grinding wheel can also be used to paint worn off, (4) paint strippers can also, of course, (5) or by high temperature Tin hot paint, (6) were also set fire to (7) of course you can also use paint powder paint. In short way to paint a lot, we talk about what paint is best for you.
    first: aluminum enameled wire stripping blade scraping paint, of course, the most traditional, there is little technical content, with a special tool, on the aluminum surface damage is relatively small, or high temperature, do not form an oxide film on the surface of aluminium surfaces, lines are not brittle, but efficiency is too low, only applies to lines of paint, 0.5MM the following line does not fit, because the thread very easily broken, keep blade hit, poor toughness, not suitable for large-scale operations, aluminum wire was scraped after Burr on the surface, is not conducive to welding.
    second: aluminum enamel paint we talk about centrifugal knives, this is said to be the earliest is Germany introduced a paint device, it is through a 3 speed rotary tools, pulling off the aluminum enameled wire coating directly, the efficiency is good. This method of paint and hand scraping paint, is only applicable for large lines of paint. As we all know, the physical properties of aluminum, soft, poor toughness, only about half of the copper, centrifugal knives can easily be twisted into a rope, break directly, If you with of aluminum enameled of diameter in 1.5MM following, centrifugal knife on you for on not too right has, even no directly broken, also was twist of pretty close has, if you with of is diameter more small of aluminum enameled, basically on don't consider this off paint method has, for most motor production manufacturers for this off paint method is not right of, because motor factory household of aluminum enameled of diameter are compared small. Centrifugal knives in the paint will peel off a layer of aluminum wire, aluminum wire to dozens of smaller or larger in diameter, high customer requirements may not use this method.