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What is enamel?

A major variety of enameled wire winding line, formed by the two conductors and insulation layer, after softening annealing, the bare wire, and then after several painted, baked together. But production is in line with standard requirements, and products that meet customer requirements is not easy, it is subject to the quality of raw materials, processing parameters, production equipment, the environment and other factors, so the various quality characteristics of enamel varies, but with mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties of four performances.
enameled wire line measurement can effectively control the product's high quality. Wire production is running at high speed, with contact measurement tools have no way to measure the accuracy of the data, and it can lead to broken. Now has a new measuring instrument--laser meter, can be measured by laser scanning. Laser on a line without contact, by induction can get accurate data, convenient and fast, producing truly real-time monitoring, monitor the whole process. If there are any alerts. Also can be compensated by adding feedback in real time, to correct the product, zero scrap, 100% qualified.