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Different wire sizes of paint viscosity require different


viscosity of liquid flow, molecular collisions make a layer with another layer of molecular motion of molecules, because before the force makes a layer of molecular obstacle after the movement of a layer of molecules, which showed activity of stickiness, which is called the viscosity. Different coating methods, different wire of paint viscosity require different specifications. Mainly related to the viscosity of the resin molecule size, molecular volume, viscosity of paint, used for coating stroke because the molecular weight to get the good mechanical properties of paint films. Small viscosity for coating thin, small molecular weight resin is easy to apply uniform, the film is smooth.

    surface tension liquid internal of molecular around are exists with molecular, these molecular Zhijian of gravity can reached temporarily balance, and in liquid surface of a layer molecular, while by liquid molecular of gravity, its force points to liquid of deep, on the by gas molecular of gravity, but gas molecular than liquid molecular less, distance and far, so liquid surface layer of molecular by liquid internal of gravity big, makes liquid of surface as of contraction, Forming bead shape. Geometry of the surface area of a sphere is the lowest in the same volume, if liquids are not affected by other forces, under the action of surface tension is always spherical.