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Analysis of aluminum wire in dip soldering process considerations

 1. Aluminum enameled must to off paint, off paint can used mechanical (off paint machine, scraping paint) and chemical (off paint water, and off paint powder) two species off paint method, recommends using chemical off paint, with chemical method off paint Hou, must to will welding points full rinse; as don't selection mechanical method off paint, prevent aluminum line scraping injury, produced Burr, toughness weakened; absolute don't using high temperature Tin hot paint.
    2. Aluminum enameled wire lead connections should be aluminum wire smaller curvature around the outside of the copper wire, welding phenomena can be reduced, increased weld strength.
    3. Should be different for different Tin soldering temperature: our aluminum dedicated Tin, soldering temperatures 330 degrees; ordinary lead-free welding temperature is about 285 degrees; lead-Tin, soldering temperature to 265 degrees. Due to the relatively low melting point of aluminium, easy to melt the tin pot, so the company suggested while welding smaller diameter aluminum wire (0.4MM), the temperature is best controlled at less than 300 ℃, reducing aluminum melting rate, preventing wire embrittlement. Do not use high temperature solder welds.

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